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Bamboo Spa 
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Make us part of your lifestyle! Yes, Relaxation doesn't need to be expensive! ​

We make it as affordable as we can so we can see you often and you make Hilot a Habit. 

Avail of our VIP Packages - the more, the cheaper!

  • For as low as $55.90 for a 60mins Hilot Massage + $10  Ventosa Cupping, Avail our SOBRA  Package for 10 sessions.

  • Valid for all Bamboo Spa Branches.

  • Affordable & Quality Hilot Massage at Bamboo Spa. 

Now accepting AFTERPAY payments

  • VIP Packages published are Valid for Henderson, Northshore Takapuna, Manukau & Christchurch only.

  • For Hamilton & Wellington Branch- kindly please inquire to branch directly or you can purchase online but top up the difference of pricing.

We offer Professional Relaxation Massage

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