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Updated: Jan 31

We thank all our Bamboo Spa supporters across New Zealand for all your support to the business. :)

A 4.9 star genuine review average across our 8 branches proves that we aim to provide excellent customer experience. Not having a 5 star means we aren't perfect but we strive to always give you the experience of relaxation you deserve. :)

Your feedback is very important to us. Thank you to those who reached out and left us a message. Good or Bad, we accept them with open arms as this enable us to grow and improve our ways.

We give gratitude to all our lovely hardworking therapist... This is all for you. Thank you for all your dedication to provide excellent experience to all our clients.


Here to stay!

Your Most Affordable and Quality Massage Place in NZ

We invite all our patrons to leave a comment and feedback and share their experience with Bamboo Spa.

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